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PETFLIX campaign is a series of posters created to encourage animal adoption for Bideawee organization. Our ultimate goal is to get people to adopt not shop.

Featured in: Ads of the World, ColoriBus,

 BuzzFeedUOLEstadãoCurta MaisInspiring LifeJetssPetGuideCuteness,FireNewsFeedUPSOCLFroot, and Daily Blast Live.


Graphis New Talent 2019

Top Dog Paw Award, Miami Ad School

Art Direction: Katy Huang

Graphic Design: Gabriella Vieira 

Posters will be posted in urban areas throughout New York City.


Each poster has a QR code embedded in them. People could scan it with their phones and it will direct them to contents regarding animal adoption opportunities.

© 2020 Katy Huang 

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