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To redesign the University of Miami Interactive Media website, our team had conducted a UX research by using the card sorting method. 

Card sorting is a method used to help evaluate and design information architecture. It involves active participation between the researcher and user. During a card sorting session, users are asked to put cards into groups and rename those groups to what they think is best suited for the categories they’ve created.

We asked 24 participants to do fill out a pre-study questionnaire, then sort 43 cards into groups and rename those groups. Then, they filled out a post study questionnaire. Equipments that were used during this research were laptops, phone for timing, pen and paper for note-taking.

With the participants data that we've gathered, we observed 10 categories: apply, admission, alumni, program information, contact us, international students, careers, donation, research, facilities. There were also some unique categories some participants created that appear only once.


Between the prominent categories, there are overlaps in content. Apply and admission have many of the same card items. Likewise, the research and facilities categories also share some of the same card items. 


By observing the categories and their grouped content, we can further understand how people organize information. Thus, to optimize the current UM interactive media website, it is important to consider keeping only relative information and identify the different target audience who visit the site.

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