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Hawker center at Time square


It's 6 p.m. A bleary eyed New York lawyer boards the A train from the Lower East Side to Brooklyn. He's hungry. He absentmindedly scrolls through UberEATS as he searches for a place to sit. Maybe Mexican food? He texts his girlfriend.

And then... He looks up. "Where the f*ck am I?" he thinks. Is this a Subway car or a Singaporean food market?

It's both. An immersive Subway wrap advertising the Hawker Center food market in Times Square.

He cancels his Mexican order, and calls his girlfriend.

"Honey, we're eating out tonight."


Boasting hundreds of food vendors, hawker centers offer a special dining experience unique to Singapore. An experience that we are bringing to New York's Time Square.

Dozens of Singaporean restaurants will be represented in this massive food court, offering traditional delicacies and favorites to NYC's most adventurous eaters.

Thousands of New Yorkers and world travelers will have the opportunity to Bite Into Singapore, and experience that will undoubtedly whet appetites to travel to the country for the real thing.

Art Direction: Katy Huang

Copywriter: Oliver Permut

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